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'Action we need to survive and thrive'


Our planet is now in a 2.0 Celsius global warming battle as CO2 levels near 425 parts per million. A 2.0 C threshold also threatens a 3.0 - 4.0 C overall global temperature gain that will bring mass migration and extinction events well before mid-century.

The radical change required has been cleverly thwarted by corporations and power elites who suppress government action and create an illusion enough is being done.

A combination of economic breakdown, ecocide and ocean degradation, a methane emergency, profitable warfare and mutual belligerence between elites, climate change impact, arctic meltdown, computer chip and other shortages and population overshoot will force upon most of humanity a more simplified lifestyle. At least for a while as business as usual becomes an illusion.

Local hubs are about building self-sufficient, sustainable and self-reliant communities. Communities prepare measures including food, water and medical supplies. Participants register to form groups and work with local government to prepare sustainable communities .


Our window of opportunity to maintain a livable planet is rapidly closing.

JAH hubs discuss 'Integrated Development Schemes' to address meeting local human needs through cooperative structures. Hub-schemes are rural and city ventures for shared and sustainable economies. Join with others in your local area and meetup to make plans and interact with local government. - 'For Sustainable Communities'

                                              Job One For Humanity and Plan B:



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If we keep going as we are now, we will soon cross the next dangerous atmospheric carbon threshold of 425-450 ppm. This is the level where we enter the irreversible second phase of runaway global heating. Entering the second phase of runaway global heating will also cause the inescapable climate consequence of about half of humanity dying by about mid-century...

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Join The Catalyst!

As a social service individuals join together to help initiate food, medicine, cooperative and other projects in local regions in readiness for climate impact and economic breakdown now gaining traction. Register support and be put in touch with others in your local area to discuss action and plans. Help develop cooperative communities and relate to local government through community assemblies. We have no more than ten years to make collective preparations that gives communities a fighting chance against the calamities we face. It is also about bringing a transition to a sustainable communities. It is of no use as individuals we escape to some nefarious haven. 'Hope is about taking action.' - Greta Thunberg

                                                        Help To Prepare & Adapt

Due to a heating lag factor and no fundamental change in 60 years, many of those who are tuned into climate change matters are not fully aware we are in a race for survival as the breakdown of economies and runaway global warming takes hold. Desperation will grow as citizens turn their attention to security and survival matters. Volunteer social service helps local communities understand and prepare as crises gathers momentum. As things stand we are headed towards calamity and have a decade at most to prepare communities for mitigation and a transition.  JAH draws your attention to Plan B by Job One For Humanity think tank on climate change as one solution and Integrated Development Schemes by JAH for a bright future. Comprehensive information will become available about Hub-Schemes and how we meet human needs and generate resilience.

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                       Email Lists - make-up lists of local public figures then send  out JAH ready-made letters.

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