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The assault on our ecosystems and oceans continues and CO2 topped 425 ppm in April 2023, It has become necessary  to prepare and adapt communities for resilience and self-sufficiency. We are now in a two-degree global warming battle as described by the think tank We must come together and set in motion a transition that gets governments and political parties to act on our behalf. There will be no tomorrow's bright future if we continue to follow the chants of mass media interests and their business as usual memes, unless we act unitedly . Indicate your support and interest in forming local hubs that are democratic forums for plans, projects (food)  and  mitigation. The time to prepare is now!


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If we keep going as we are now, we will soon cross the next dangerous atmospheric carbon threshold of 425-450 ppm. This is the level where we enter the irreversible second phase of runaway global heating. Entering the second phase of runaway global heating will also cause the inescapable climate consequence of about half of humanity dying by about mid-century...

                                                     Define A Future - Join A Hub


Hubs are a network for local citizens to develop programs that mitigate, prepare and adapt to ongoing economic breakdown and the worsening impact of climate change. They will focus on food supplies as well as income measures such as a basic income as an interim measure. Hubs work in conjunction with other groups such as in readiness for a transition and a future, defined by democratic forums. Hubs interact with local government to set in motion cooperative endeavor to revitalize communities, - out of the difficult times ahead. Hubs are conducted by Assistants and Members who work for the well being of communities in the spirit of social service as well as building sustainable enterprises. Business as usual is no longer an option and change is coming! 

Use the form alongside to develop local groups and strengthen our community voice as we mitigate, prepare and adapt. Indicate if you would like to be an assistant using the 'radio button.'

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     Form Hubs    

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Resilient Democratic Communities!

Due to a heating lag factor and no fundamental change in 60 years, many of those who are tuned into climate change matters are not fully aware we are in a race for survival as the breakdown of economies and runaway global warming takes hold. Desperation will grow as citizens turn their attention to security and survival matters. Volunteer social service helps local communities understand and prepare as crises gathers momentum. As things stand we are headed towards a total disaster scenario and have a decade at most to prepare communities for mitigation and a transition.  JAH draws your attention to Plan B by Job One For Humanity think tank on climate change as one solution, climate=safe projects and Integrated Development Schemes by JAH for a bright future. Comprehensive information will become available about Hub-Schemes and how we meet human needs and generate resilience.

                                 Promote JAH links on social media platforms, to friends and website groups.

                       Email Lists - make-up lists of local public figures then send  out JAH ready-made letters.

                         Join the Local Volunteer Register and connect with others - offer support and ideas.

                                      Join-A-Hub - [ f]

                                            Join Social Media Platform (see Action Guide)

Click below and you will receive a one-time special $50 value free gift promotional for five climate-related Ebooks and one-year membership at Job One for Humanity (a non-profit climate change think tank.) If you could like to know more about what is in this special  sign-up promotion. click here.

Action Guide

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'Resilient & Sustainable Communities'

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We can work together to build a society that is regenerative, equitable, cooperative, and just.

Those of us with a vision beyond the current crisis system are gathering to bring forward prospective solutions, promising models, proactive strategies, and proven practices that can help us build a new era. We invite anyone who is already engaged or aspires to contribute to constructive socio-economic transformation to join us.  Our focus will be on our home region, the Pacific Northwest, though this gathering is the first of many steps, a springboard for building a larger movement for change. will be exploring:

  • Envisioning systems and change models adaptable to regional contexts and local arenas.

  • Generating viable plans and strategic programs for action.

  • Activating solidarity and agency through collaborative problem-solving, skill sharing, and expression. 

  • Mobilizing social movement by organizing coordination networks, collaborative tools/platforms, and resource hubs.



'The Transformation is happening'

Forest Trees

Letter Action

Below are examples of letters sent to local councils and officials. Letters and articles may also be submitted to the public forum letter and reply network and subject to approval -

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Supporters download ready made letters and alter details such as names, then send them to some local officials and community groups. Once done, fillout the Sent-To Form and help JAH build mailing lists as part of a letter democracy that works -

Working Together!

Supporters of climate safe projects send the public letters below to organisations and officials to help build community awareness and local hubs. Then the 'Sent To Form' is used by senders of letters to record the names and email addresses for further use by JAH.

Letter#1 At:-

Fee & Dividend Program

Create a revenue-neutral, Fee and Dividend-based atmospheric carbon reduction program.

The Fee and Dividend plan will work because it puts a price on carbon fossil fuel use equal to their environmental damage and accomplishes this through market economy mechanisms. The Fee and Dividend plan’s rising fee on carbon pollution incentivizes a rapid shift from toxic fossil fuels to clean green energy. Its direct dividend payments to all those individuals, companies, and nations that reduce their fossil fuel use are the profit motive and self-interest key that will strongly incentivize the rapid transition to green energy generation essential to our survival... this can be discussed in the forum section.

     Source - Job One For

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Read about serious estimation errors by the IPCC.

See Plan B - discuss joining survival groups.

'Link the Links'

Apply maximum pressure on the media and leaders so there is no excuse as to the radical correction and mitigation required for what is bearing down. Read the fully researched facts by the think tank Freely copy and paste the links below on social media, amongst friends and organisations. Help bring to everyone the urgent action required and how to prepare and adapt for the global heating emergency. Ask organisations to promote these links with its members in a united effort.

                           Protect Your Loved Ones ....................

                           About Your Life Plans ...........................

                           Plan B Solutions ......................................

                           Great Global Rebirth .............................

                           Accelerating To Tipping Points ........

                           Most Critical Global Challenges ......

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Volunteer Actions To Help Resolve The Climate Change Emergency

We cannot fix the runaway global heating emergency in time to save humanity without lots of intelligent and motivated volunteers helping us to educate the world. You and your talents are more critical than ever to humanity's survival, and we cannot do it without YOU!

No matter where you live in the world, you can start a meaningful and important remote volunteering projects. Job One for Humanity has different volunteer projects that you can work on right where you live. See how we can recover from, adapt to, and pay for our accelerating climate catastrophes on a local, state, and national basis? Four Easy Steps:

To start downloading your five free climate-related ebooks and activate your one-year free membership at Job One for Humanity, a climate change think tank, click here and enter your email address. You will immediately receive the instructions you need after entering your email address. 

Kids Running

"Radical simplification" will soon be forced upon us, but it will not involve going back to the land to grow food. At least not for most. The primary concerns needed for survival are, in brief, (1) sustainably managing infrastructural systems, (2) equitably and sustainably providing the basic necessities of life (food is but one necessity), (3) establishing viable systems or currency or exchange and access to capital, and (4) nurturing community and solidarity. One of the key topics for community gatherings.

Going local has great benefits...

Methane output is rising with 80 times the potency of CO2..

Local Food Can Save The World..

Code Red Vital Signs .jpg

A new report from a coalition of international scientists is unequivocal about the severity of the environmental crisis that we're in, with 16 out of the 35 'vital signs' used to track climate change now rated as code red – that is, they're at record extremes.

Flyer & Slips

A4 Flyer.jpg

Hub supporters copy or download a flyer from JAH sources. A box at the bottom can be used to advertise a hub address for a specific district. Groups can arrange to have flyers printed by a commercial printer if not their own resources. Using a small number of flyers will require strategic use at community meetings and handing to key representatives at rallies and other social gatherings.

Join-A-Hub slips.jpg

The first hub  has been established in Smithfield South Australia. Designated as JAH615114 on Facebook social media platform. JAH thanks Job One For Humanity, global heating think tank on critical action plans for factual and educational information on what to do along with solution orientated programs, free e-books and Climate-Safe projects. The document alongside is a regularly updated list of hub locations worldwide. 

                 Feature Article # 1

REPLY TO: Questions to ChatGPT on Climate Change and Collapse by Craig Walter

Dated 18/04/2023

Please explain the major factors leading to the collapse of society?

The collapse of a society can have many complex and interrelated causes, but some of the major factors that have historically contributed to societal collapse include:

  1. Environmental degradation: When a society's environment is degraded beyond its ability to support human populations, it can lead to food and water shortages, disease, and other forms of social instability.

  2. Resource depletion: The depletion of natural resources, such as fossil fuels, timber, or minerals, can lead to economic instability and social unrest.

  3. Economic instability: Economic instability can be caused by a variety of factors, such as inequality, corruption, or unsustainable levels of debt.

  4. Political instability: Political instability can be caused by a breakdown in the rule of law, corruption, or widespread conflict.

  5. Social inequality: When a society's wealth and power are concentrated in the hands of a few, it can lead to widespread social unrest and instability.

  6. Cultural decline: When a society's cultural values and traditions are eroded or abandoned, it can lead to a loss of social cohesion and a breakdown in social norms.

  7. External factors: Societies can also be impacted by external factors such as climate change, natural disasters, or wars.

Human Reply

ChatGPT is unable to access expert knowledge in relevant books such as 'An Inconvenient Apocalypse' or 'Transition To A New Era' which predict further breakdown and then a sudden collapse of capitalism by its own hands. References to the severe breakdown of the USSR and communism have not been cited and therefore do not align with the category of collapse.

One major factor left out by ChatGPT is war between belligerent power elites, which disrupts supply chains and leads to other critical energy shortages such as oil supplies, which are consumed at around 90 million barrels per day world wide. A disruption to the supply of computer chips from Taiwan would have a devastating impact on technological structures and hasen a metacrisis. Although ChatGPT sees a combination of factors that lead to economic breakdown, little mention is made of the impact of rising CO2 and methane emissions causing runaway global warming, leading to mass migration and extinction events. CO2 reached an new all time record in mid April of 424.6 ppm and ChatGPT refers to the 417 ppm level in 2017.

The terms 'ecocide' and 'sixth mass extinction,' which are underway now, are also missing from the analysis by ChatGTP. This includes the worsening condition of our oceans, where 90% of all large fish have already been taken and delicate the alkaline level is under threat.

Link: Most Critical Global Challenges


Due to a combination of resource depletion, global warming, environmental destruction: mutual belligerence and warfare, supply chain disruption, ecocide, and massive debt by countries such as the USA whose currency is also weakening, brings forth an unfolding scenario of continual breakdown and likely collapse.

Do you think climate change can lead to the collapse of society and why?

Yes, I believe that climate change can contribute to the collapse of society, as it can exacerbate several of the factors that have historically led to societal collapse.

Firstly, climate change can lead to environmental degradation, such as droughts, flooding, and other extreme weather events that can impact food and water supplies, leading to resource depletion, and social instability.

Secondly, climate change can also lead to economic instability. For example, it can lead to the loss of jobs in industries that are heavily impacted by climate change, such as agriculture and fisheries. Additionally, the costs of adapting to climate change can be very high, and this can place a significant burden on both individuals and governments.

Thirdly, climate change can exacerbate political instability, as it can lead to increased competition for resources, mass migration, and conflicts over territory and resources.

Fourthly, climate change can also worsen social inequality. For example, low-income communities and vulnerable populations, such as indigenous communities, are often disproportionately impacted by the impacts of climate change.

Overall, climate change is a complex and multi-faceted issue, and its impacts on society are likely to be far-reaching and long-lasting. Addressing climate change requires a concerted effort from individuals, governments, and organizations worldwide to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and develop more sustainable ways of living.

Human Reply

Climate change is the number one factor leading to tipping points sooner rather than later. In fact, CO2 reaching 425 ppm and beyond is happening faster than climate change scientists have predicted, and a new record was reached recently. ChatGTP has not referenced organisations such as the think tank on climate change,, and their comprehensive research, which states unequivocally, half of humanity will perish as a result of not taking radical action to reduce emissions, and the reason this group is preparing eco-communities to give communities a fighting chance of survival. Another critical matter not mentioned is the rise of methane levels and as we now enter a methane emergency.

Link: Accelerating To Tipping Points ........

What are the consequences in a time frame scenario of CO2 levels reaching 430 parts per million by 2030?

Reaching a CO2 concentration of 430 parts per million (ppm) by 2030 would have significant consequences for the Earth's climate system, which would likely manifest over decades and centuries.

Here are some of the potential consequences:

  1. More extreme weather events: Higher CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere can lead to increased warming of the Earth's surface, which can result in more frequent and intense heatwaves, droughts, and extreme precipitation events.

  2. Sea level rise: Higher CO2 concentrations can contribute to the melting of polar ice caps and glaciers, leading to sea-level rise, which can cause flooding and erosion in coastal regions.

  3. Biodiversity loss: Climate change can impact ecosystems and wildlife, leading to habitat loss and increased extinction rates.

  4. Impacts on human health: Higher temperatures and more extreme weather events can have a range of negative impacts on human health, including increased risk of heat-related illnesses, respiratory problems, and the spread of vector-borne diseases.

  5. Economic impacts: Climate change can have significant economic impacts, including property damage from extreme weather events, impacts on agriculture and food production, and increased costs associated with adaptation and mitigation efforts.

It's important to note that the impacts of climate change are not limited to these factors alone and can have significant consequences for global stability, political systems, and social inequality.

Given these potential consequences, it is critical that steps are taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and limit the effects of climate change. This will require global cooperation, political will, and significant investments in renewable energy and sustainable development.

Human Reply

Not a bad summation. However, the situation is critical with very limited time to bring a radical correction of emissions and another reason we are headed towards further calamities and the mass extinction events. The stranglehold of mass media supporting commercial interests and greed driven agendas is another reason we are in big trouble.

What is your estimate on when global warming will reach 1.5 degrees Celsius and is it already locked in?

The timing of when global warming will reach 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels depends on a variety of factors, including future greenhouse gas emissions, natural climate variability, and the effectiveness of efforts to mitigate and adapt to climate change. However, many climate scientists estimate that global warming could reach 1.5 degrees Celsius between 2030 and 2052 if current emission trends continue.

It is important to note that even if we were to reduce global emissions to zero today, we would still experience some degree of warming due to the long-term persistence of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Therefore, some level of warming is already "locked in" and will continue even if emissions are drastically reduced in the coming years.

However, the degree of future warming depends on our actions today. The more we reduce greenhouse gas emissions and invest in sustainable practices and technologies, the less severe the impacts of climate change will be. Limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius will require significant and sustained efforts from individuals, governments, and organizations worldwide to reduce emissions and promote a more sustainable future.

Human Reply and groups such as the Climate Emergency Forum (Youtube) with their scientific basis, demonstrate that 1.5 degrees Celsius of global warming are already locked in due to a lag factor of around six years and we are now in a 2 degree global warming battle. In that respect, it is already 'too late' and the best we can do is mitigate things and prepare for breakdown. Declarations of 'emergencies' have not led to fundamental change, nor are we prepared for what is on the horizon. ChatGPT is a 'machine' that does not know it exists, run by very clever algorithms similar to many machine translation systems that provide shallow outcomes and have an inherent bias.

While bringing more automation to our lives that could have benefits in for society as a whole, systems such as ChatGTP can do little to improve the way we form cooperative structures and overcome critical problems having to do with our collective existence. So far, we have failed to change direction in a manner that matters and bring a sustainable foundation that works for all.

July 2022

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